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Please speak to our Environmental Health Officers prior to completing this application, they will identify whether you might need to talk to the Resource Consents team to ensure that what you are planning is in fact a permitted activity at that particular location. You may also need to contact the Building Consents team to ensure that your premises will meet the building requirements.

Call us on 06 835 7579 to speak with one of our Environmental Health Officers.

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The Food Act 2014 came into force on 1 March 2016. The Act applies to all new food businesses.

The Act brings in the following new food safety measures:
(i) Food Control Plans. (Click here for further information)
(ii) National Programmes. (Click here for further information)
(iii) Where does your business fit in the new food regime? (See My Food Rules)
(iv) Verification of Food Control Plan or National Programme - Your business will need to be verified (audited) when you first register it.

Please ensure the following documents accompany the application

(1) The completed scope of operations document. Find this at ( - Forms and documents for food plans and programmes).

(2) If you are applying for a National Programme (NP) registration, you can choose your verifier. You will need a confirming letter from your verifier to attach to this application. A list of recognised verification (or audit) agencies can be on the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) website, under ‘registers and lists’. The law requires Councils to verify businesses registered under the template food control plan unless for more than one site, the business chooses to operate the food control plan in more than one council district and/or predominantly wholesale their food.

(3) If your business is a registered limited liability company, a copy of the company registration certificate. See (

(4) You need to make sure you can confirm that the operator of the food businesses is resident in New Zealand within the meaning of section YD 1 or YD 2 (excluding section YD 2(2)) of the Income Tax Act 2007.

(5) If you were registered with either the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) or your local council before 1 March 2016, please make sure you have your previous registration IDs on hand. These are IDs such as FSA-JBIP-12345 or WEBB-12345.

(6) If you are applying to register a Food Control Plan, you will need to fill out the Food Control Plan template (link to templates). If you are not sure which template to complete, please contact an Environmental Health Officer at the Napier City Council.

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