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Pursuant to the Napier City Council Dog Control Bylaw 2014. If you have any questions or need assistance please contact us on 06 835 7579.

Dog Control Bylaw 2014

1. a) No person may keep more than two dogs of registrable age (whether or not any dog is registered) on any premises, unless the owner is the holder of a multiple dog licence issued by the Council.
b) Clause 4(2)(a) does not apply to -
i) any area zoned as rural
ii) working dogs
2. No person may breach or fail to comply with the terms, conditions or restrictions of a licence issued under this part.
3. No licence will be granted unless the owner of the premises can demonstrate to Council’s satisfaction (having regard to the criteria listed in Council’s Dog Control Policy) that the keeping of more than two dogs at that location will achieve the objectives of the Council’s Dog Control Policy.

4. A licence issued under this clause is subject to the conditions set by the Council. Every licence issued -
a) is subject to such conditions as the Council sees fit to impose; and
b) has effect only in relation to the premises described in the licence; and
c) is not transferable to any other person, or any other premises, or any dog that is not already specified in the terms of the licence.

5. A multiple dog licence may be revoked by the Council immediately if -
a) the owner is in breach of conditions of the licence; or
b) a change of circumstances renders the premises inappropriate for housing more than two dogs; or
c) the dogs are required to be registered and do not have a current registration under the Act; or
d) the owner is in contravention of the Animal Welfare Act 1999.

6. An Animal Control Officer may seize any dog kept at a premises and impound any dog at the owner’s cost where –
a) more than two dogs are kept at a premises; and
b) there is no licence permitting the keeping of more than two dogs.
7. Applications for licences to keep more than two dogs shall be made on the form supplied by Council and the owner shall provide such information in respect of the application as the Council may reasonably require.
8. The applicant must pay to the Council, the licence fee prescribed in the fees and charges.
9. The fee for such licence shall be payable in addition to the registration fees payable under the provisions of the Dog Control Act 1996.

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